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Improving workflow at the beauty salon – does using a pair of huge scissors speeds up haircutting?

A viral video made rounds on the internet showing a long-haired guy chopping client’s hair with a huge pair of scissors. However, it turns out that it is not part of his usual routine. He said that actually he used them only three times in the last six months. All of them with the aim to get viral and focus the attention to the good cause of donating hair to people in need.

It turns out, no. But hey, the guy is using an enormous pair of scissors – he must be faster.  He goes by the motto: “Big Job, Big Scissors” and the popular videos feature comically big set of shears and few grinning clients.

Usually transformations involve young smiling female clients with long locks that are parted in pigtails that get snipped with the big scissors. Paul Desmarre is not using the typical styling tools, but the mother-of-all beasts’ humongous shears to make the first cuts. Of course, after the initial stunning transformation, Paul is using more conventional tools such as the well-known salon hair cutting shears and thinning scissors to shape the haircut from dull to amazing.

Of course, this is not your everyday salon cut. This is one in a lifetime, memorable cut. Something the clients would enjoy to remember. The oversize clippers get lot of giggles, and the videos are funny and creative, cleverly made. The transformation is usually from long locks to a new shorter cut.

Paul is not alone. The stylists are getting more and more creative with the tools they use to match the rising demands of their clients.

An Irish barber, for example, is using sheep shears to cut men’s hair. The strange haircuts started as a joke, not as a way to get viral. Few of his regular clients were local sheep farmers. They teased him that he is not a real professional if he cannot handle the huge sheep shears to cut his clients hair. The barber McGann accepted the challenge and proved them wrong.

Some other stylists took the experience to another level. Adding the fear factor, they cut hair with axes, sometimes working on two clients at the same time.

And finally, the most bizarre of them all – using samurai swords AND fire to get a smoking hot looks.

Are you aware of any others bizarre hair cutting methods? Any other speed-up ideas for hairstylists?

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