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How to wear sneakers at work and not get fired?

Do you have strict dress code at work? Maybe you love your job, but hate your tight and uncomfortable shoes? We feel your pain. Not everyone has the luxury to wear whatever he/she pleases at work. There were times that we secretly envied everybody who was able to wear hoodies and sneakers at work. We were stuck in our tight, smart shoes for too long. And one day I decided I had enough. I spend the next two nights browsing a number of sites, looking for shoes to suit my needs. They needed to be both good looking and comfortable.

Truth to be told, finding suitable shoes was HARD. At the end of the first day, I was desperate that I won’t find anything. However, I found few recommendations that helped me out. At the end of day two I have compiled a sheet with four different comfortable and elegant shoes. Without further ado, here is what caught my eye. These shoes have excellent feedback from customers as well, so I am confident they are all worth it.

Merrell Jungle Moc Slip-On (men)

Merrell Men's Jungle Moc Slip-On

These Jungle Moc Slip-on are my number one favorite. Just make sure you get the oval nubs and you will have them for years to come. These run around half a size bigger, so make sure you have that in mind when purchasing. If you usually wear a 10, get 9.5 and you’ll thank me. Hands down the best comfortable and fairly dressy shoe in my opinion.

Polo Ralph Lauren (Men)

Polo Ralph Lauren Men's Faxon

These are the most casual of all. Simple canvas is extremely comfortable in the hot summer days. The black is really nice and it has the classical look I am onto. Fit is true to size as reported by many customers. However, these have flat sole and if you have any kind of foot pain, look into one of the other pairs. While definitely not outstanding, if you have normal legs (like most people) and don’t need arch support, these are a good pair.
I am totally in love with this classy, timeless look of these Faxons.

Clarks Wave Trek Lace-Up (woman)


These women’s walking shoes look amazing, and I ended up a pair for my wife. She is in love with their style and comfort. The innovated design makes walking really enjoyable and reduces fatigue. However, they need a little break-in time initially and after that they feel like socks on the feet.
Converse All Star Chuck Taylor (unisex)

converse all star chuck taylor

Awesome looking, casual and sustainable pair. Hi-tops allow to finely adjust the fit according to your preference. Solid built overall and snug fit, these canvas sneakers run cooler in the hot summer and my feet feel awesome wearing them. The best thing is that they are unisex and you can get the same shoes for your girlfriend, too.

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